• Visit the latest addition to nicholasflair.com. Click here for information on energy efficiency, renewable energy, and climate change. What does it have to do with juggling? See the second entry in 'RECENT', below.
  • Nicholas Flair juggling balls - $10 for three. (Gift wrap add $2)
    Available in Red, Blue, and Yellow; all with black logo print.
    To order: Email shop@nicholasflair.com or call 917-270-1683.
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  • The IStar Financial fundraiser at Madison Square Garden featured Hugh Jackman - and a juggler named Nicholas Flair.
  • I premiered my "energy efficient juggler" act with The Bindlestiff Family Cirkus in March at Dixon Place.
  • Release of the record breaking video game Grand Theft Auto IV, where I am featured as a juggler in the cabaret 'Perestroika'. My character is called 'Catch,' and I do three "acts" - cigar boxes, club juggling, and ... barbecue tool juggling! This was accomplished by performing in front of a bluescreen, wearing a bodysuit covered with little sensor balls from head to toe. They also stuck the sensors on my fingers and props. Not exactly ideal for a juggler!

Promotional photo for www.350.org

Live at the Krystallpalast. Photo copyright KPV/Tom Schulze

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